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Another day begins for the contestants. With Mumtaz gone, Jezmine loses another room mate. Only 9 contestants left on Project Runway Malaysia. Who will be left remaining?

For their next challenge, the remaining contestants were to design for another celebrity but before they could get more details on the challenge, Bernie Chan announces that it was time for the model elimination round. On the chopping board this time was Felix's model Sun and Ming - Mumtaz's model. As winner of the previous challenge Felix had the choice of who to keep as his model for the next challenge. As always, Felix stuck with his current model. Ming was sent packing.

The challenge

With the model elimination done, the contestants were sent to their next destination to be further briefed on their challenge. They were brought to Two AM Studious, a recording studio. There they had finally had a glimpse of the celebrity whom they would be designing for; Jaclyn Victor – winner of the first Malaysian Idol competition. Meeting them there also was their mentor Peter Lum who gave them more details on their challenge. For their latest challenge, the contestants were to design an outfit which Jaclyn Victor would use during her performances. Jaclyn then gave a few more stipulations for the contestants to follow. The outfit which they would be designing would be used while performing her fast songs which meant that it had to be fun and funky.

The next stipulation for the challenge was that the contestants would be given 15 minutes to come up with some initial sketches where by Jaclyn would pick 3 of the best ideas. The 3 winning ideas would then be appointed as group leaders and would have to choose 2 people from the remaining 6 to help create their ideas.

The winning 3 ideas came from Alwyn, Fitri and Hatta. Alwyn who impressed Jaclyn with his idea on creating a sexy corset was first to choose his team mates. Alexandrea was his first choice with Danny as his next. Fitri who wanted to create a 2 piece outfit choose Allison and Jezmine as his team mates. Zeri who wanted to create a jumpsuit for Jaclyn Victor took Zeri as his first choice but was stuck with Felix (the person that everyone loves to hate) who was the last one left.

Contestants were then given RM100 to purchase all their fabrics within 30 minutes. As team leader Alwyn said that he would take his teams comments seriously but Danny who was part of his team saw that a weakness. Danny thought that Alwyn was not very confident as a leader as Alwyn kept asking for advice on how much fabric he would need for his design. Meanwhile in Hatta's group, Felix finally shows his weakness. According to Hatta; Felix wasn't very good in picking fabrics even though he had won 2 challenges. Zeri adds that Felix likes picking ‘mak cik' type fabrics. Things weren't moving smoothly at Fitri's group too. With his initial sketches were in a rough stage, group members were confused with was needed. To making things worst, Fitri was unable to convey his ideas to his group effectively.

Back at the workshop, teams started working on their ideas with team leaders delegating work to each of their members. Danny claims that he has lots of experience as a team leader and has always been the type who always takes charge on projects and admits that this challenge is actually the first time he is taking the back seat on a project. Alexandrea too didn't have a good impression on her team leader. Like Danny, Alexandrea also felt that Alwyn wasn't a ‘take charge' kind of person.

At Fitri's group, Jezmine was looking a little worried with the work that was assigned to her. Jezmine admits that she is quite in-experienced and not technically skilled but her enthusiasm makes up for her weaknesses. Allison thinks otherwise. Jezmine who has been unsure on what needs to be done, keeps consulting Fitri on the progress of her work because of this Allison think that Jezmine is being too dependent on Fitri. As a result of Jezmine's constant interruptions resulted in mistakes being made. Fitri was feeling tense by then.

Members in Hatta's group on the other hand were working well with each other. Though Felix isn't close with other contestants like Hatta and Zeri are, he was still able to stick with them and work together as a team. All of them seemed to function well in a group especially Felix who was working fast and hard on Hatta's jumpsuit to get the team ready before their deadline. Danny did see their group as a strong contender for this challenge, especially when their group has more experience working with celebrities.

Decision time

This week's judges consisted of host Bernie Chan, designer Sonny San, Asiah Mion of EH! magazine and guest celebrity Jaclyn Victor. While anyone could be eliminated I this challenge, as team leaders only Alwyn, Fitri and Hatta could be awarded the win. Judges selected Alwyn's group to pass on to the next stage leaving Fitri and Hatta's group to fight it out.

The two groups presented their ideas to the judges. Fitri group had created a 2 piece outfit created from satin and chiffon, making it easier to move around while performing while Hatta's group created a jumpsuit with the shoulders exposed. Judges thought that Fitri's outfit lacked the ‘bling' factor which was essential for Jaclyn's performances while Hatta's suit had just enough of that bling factor. Judges praised is a creative and funky outfit. It was clear which team was going to win but celebrations were not due yet as the elimination were still on. The purpose of this challenge was not just to judge the contestants creativity but to also judge how they would work as a team. This meant that even those on the winning team could be eliminated.

The judges then gave the contestants the opportunity to choose who they want to eliminated. Jezmine started first. Jezmine explained that everyone had put in lots of effort to create the outfit which made it hard to choose who to eliminate. Since it was the design that was weak, Jezmine put the blame on the team leader, Fitri. Allison agreed with Jezmine too but Fitri rebuffed the notion. Fitri choose Jezmine as the weak link within the group, stating that she wasn't very experienced which showed through her consulting Fitri on everything she was working on. Fitri also made know that it was Jezmine that had many mistakes while working on the outfit.

Judges then moved on the next group; Hatta's group. Zeri choose Felix to be eliminated. Zeri couldn't pick Hatta, whom he was close with, because he thought that Hatta was a good leader who was good a delegating task. Zeri chose Felix to be eliminated because of his poor choices in choosing fabrics. He's choices seem too dated. Felix didn't deny that he choose the wrong fabrics. He explained that it was because he only caught a quick glimpse of Hatta's sketch and wasn't sure on what Hatta wanted. Felix the choose Hatta to be eliminated. Hatta who was last to go, choose Felix. He felt that Felix just doesn't have the experience in working with celebrities which may have contributed to his poor choice of fabrics.

Judges deliberated their choices. It was apparent to them that Felix certainly didn't deserve to be eliminated as he was one of the most hardworking among in Hatta's group. They also thought that Hatta shouldn't be eliminated as he was a good leader. Judges then focused on Fitri's group. Between Fitri and Jezmine, Jezmine would most probably be the weakest. Though Fitri was to blame for the poor design, the judges could look past Jezmine's lack of experience and confidence. Their decision was set.
Hatta was crowned the winner and Jezmine was eliminated.
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