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As the new day started, Alwyn was seen waking up with a big smile on his face. There's nothing like waking up with a smile on face especially when you've just finally won your first challenge after coming so close to winning a number of times. The win was quite a huge boost of morale for Alywn but for every winner there has to be a loser which made Allison notice the size of the group has shrunk down. 5 have already left and only 10 contestants remain.

A new day meant there was a new challenge waiting for them back at the runway but before that could happen, there was the customary model elimination round. Facing elimination this week was Ayu, Mumtaz's model. As winner of the previous episode, Ayu's fate was in Alwyn's hand. To Alywn, Ayu didn't have anything special that his model Eloise couldn't have offered as a model. In the end, Ayu leaves Project Runway Malaysia as the 5th model to be eliminated.

The challenge
With the elimination round done, it was time to announce their latest challenge. For episode 6, contestants will be designing for a well known fashion retailer; Parkson KLCC which was also their next destination. There they were met by their mentor; Peter Lum who introduced them to the representative of Parkson KLCC and also the guest judge for the challenge – Rita Shum. As the representative of Parkson, Rita set out the rules for this challenge; contestants were required to design resort wear which will be focus towards a younger audience. Rita was quick to point out that their creations had to be also commercially viable.

While choosing fabrics for their design, it was clear that everyone had their own definition of what resort wear means. To Allison resort wear mean more of beach wear than anything else while Zeri, Hatta and Jezmine were going for bright colourful casual outfits. Danny on the other hand was going for a luxurious look. Instead of going with bright colours like the others, Felix went for khaki green fabrics. The other contestants thought his choice of fabric was questionable. Danny certainly thought Felix was making a huge mistake of picking such a dull colour and so did Allison who thought the fabric that Felix got was just plain awful. Were they giving constructive criticism or was it some else altogether.

What is apparent is that week after week, Felix seems to be the person everyone loves to hate. This week Felix claims that he has been in the top three in every challenge and he will certainly make it as the final three. Allison refutes his claim by saying that he has been lucky especially in winning the second challenge with his diaper wear. Alwyn, who seems to have a grudge with Felix, says that he's over confident with the experience he has.

Felix wasn't the only one whose designs were being criticized. Zeri, Hatta and Jezmine who created brightly coloured designs became the focus of other contestant who didn't think highly of their work. Fitri thought that the bright colours that they were using weren't practical. Danny added that their bright coloured fabrics just made their work look cheap. Even Felix took a swipe at them, saying that they still designing for themselves and not for their client; Parkson. Hatta for one didn't care about what the others thought of his work as the only person comments that he should take to heart was Peter Lum's comments.

Peter Lum who arrived later did like Hatta's design stating that his work was very bold but had some doubts about the judges liking it. Peter Lum then started discussing Mumtaz's idea. Mumtaz had envisioned her dress to be the ‘euro tourist look' where-by the blouse could be pulled down and used as a dress but unfortunately for her, Peter Lum didn't have encouraging words for her. Peter Lum commented that the trimmings which she had put together made her outfit look dated. While going through Alwyns' design, few of the contestants noticed that his silhouette looked very similar, in fact to them it looked like the same design that he had been using for the last 3 challenges!

As the hours drew closer to their deadline, Danny suffered a bad setback. Danny who was going for the ‘rich lady on a holiday' look, made an error when putting together his outfit decided to do some adjustment by cutting his skirt shorter.

Decision time
This week's judges consisted of host Bernie Chan, designer Edmund Ser, Aster Lim – managing editor of FEMALE magazine and Rita Shum from Parkson, KLCC. For this challenge Jezmine, Fitri, Mumtaz, Danny, Alwyn and Felix were called back as the top 3 and bottom 3 of this weeks challenge.

Jezmine was first. Her idea resort wear was a brightly coloured baby doll dress which was aimed for the young woman who wants to stand out and be seen. Fitri on the other hand made a casual kimono top with a red skirt which could be used at a meeting in a resort. Judges weren't impressed by both their ideas. They found Jezmine's bold colours too bright making the contrast too great for an outfit while they thought Fitri's was just too formal than casual be considered resort wear. Lady luck was on their side for the night as they were allowed to continue on to the next challenge.

For this episode, judges were stumped on whom to be awarded the winner of the challenge as they had 2 strong competitors. Alwyn who said to have been rehashing the same look over the past challenges presented his idea of a 2 in 1 outfit while Felix created a 3 piece, loose silhouette outfit. Both their designs were both considered clever designs and both had their flaws. Judges would reserve their judgement till the next day where the winner would have their design displayed in Parkson KLCC.

Last two remaining were Mumtaz and Danny. Danny who had made a luxury dress out of light transparent materials didn't impress judges at all. The more he tried to convince them the more flaws they found. Danny kept digging a deeper grave for himself. Judges thought that his outfit was not appropriate for resort wear and the silhouette he created made the model look fat. Like Alwyn, Mumtaz also created a 2 in 1 outfit. The outfit consisted of a yellow top which could be pulled down and double as a skirt. While the idea may have sounded creative, judges didn't like how it was poorly executed. For them, the outfit just was appealing enough because the fabrics and the trimming looked rather dated. It seemed that the decision could go anyway but Mumtaz, who had been in the last 2 for almost every challenge was finally kicked out of Project Runway Malaysia.

The next day, Alwyn and Felix both headed out to Parkson KLCC to see which of them would be the eventual winner of the challenge. There on display in the front of Parkson KLCC was Felix's outfit. Alwyn was shocked and questioned the judges' decision. “How could an ‘auntie' looking outfit win?”
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