Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Zery Zamry & Fashion World..

“I love art and art is my life.” That is Zery Zamry’s philosophy on art. Born on 31st December, 1984 at Kelana Jaya,he youngest of four siblings.

Zery’s love and determination for art and design is undeniable as he attempted Anugerah Jarum Berlian for the second time, a feat that proves good thing comes to those who wait as he emerged as the first place winner. He bagged the grand prize at the prestigious event back in the November 2006 and took home a certificate, a trophy and RM 10,000.

He was the second place winner in his first attempt during 2004. This time around, he can be sure that he was not only the big winner of the night but also the sole male contestant and the only representative of Universiti Teknologi Mara who competed against other well-known designers.

The most expensive dress that he has made is worth RM 10,000 whilst the cheapest dress in his repertoire is tagged at RM500. He really enjoys designing women’s attire rather than men’s because for him the men’s attire has certain limitation.

“I can design anything I like for women. We want to see what people like Ziana Zain or Camelia are wearing these days, to refer to them for trends, and know whether the peasant girl look is still in or on its way out,” he said.

His dedication to fashion is extraordinary.

“I really don’t mind being a slave to fashion. I will use all of my free time to design new dresses,” he said.

Zery is known for his unique design. Every single one of his designs has intricate trademarks such as polka dots and ribbons. Colours like pink, black and red is a must. He always spices up his designs with a little bit of sexiness and glamour. He also practices simplicity, authenticity, quality and originality in his designs. He uses premium quality, natural material such as crystal and wools. Whenever he has extra time in his hands, he will take out his Artline pen from his bag and starts sketching new designs until he runs out of ideas.

According to him, after finishing his secondary school, he furthered his studies at UiTM Seri Iskandar, Perak in Diploma of Fashion Design. His hard work and passion has made him the recipient of the Best Student in the Faculty Art and Design. He also received the Excellent Achievement Award- New Young Talent in individual category because his winnings have made UiTM proud.

Even though he is still studying in his final year, he somehow has managed to make a name for himself. The entertainment and fashion industry have been receptive towards his creations ever since he first started. Besides sponsoring singers and celebrities like Elyana, Natasha Hudson and Dilla Abdul Latiff for red carpet events, other activities that Zery does to make his label popular, includes sponsoring the dresses used by contestants in competition such as Karangkaf’s Dewi Remaja. His talent doesn’t end in designing as he can also be a make-up artist and fashion consultant. Apart from clothes, he also designs shoes and bags.

“I believe in researching designs and trends to come up with concepts for up-to-date dresses.”

“I vows to stay true to Malaysian heritage such as the traditional apparel and material. Kebayas, kurungs and sarongs are my favourite tradisional wear, while songket, tekat, and batik top my list for favourite traditional material,” he added.

As a designer and full-time student, just how hectic can his life be? He believes in time management to keep things in order. It’s always non-stop action from the start of the day until night comes. A gregarious multitasker, he has no qualms about running to and from photo shoots to classrooms as fashion is the one love in his life.


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