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            Like all good children, Zery Zamry had learn the value of art from his family of myriad artistic background. Born on the new year's eve of 1984, in Kelana Jaya, Selangor, Zery Zamry had initially turned his back on it when he went on to pursue economics and business in his earlier tertiary education, however his creative blood ran too deep into his muscles and veins and were too substantial to be discounted. He eventually succumbed to his profound passion for arts and enrolled in Arts & Design at UiTM, majoring in fashion where he religiously invested 5 years of his early youth life, obtaining a Diploma in Fashion Design in 2005 and conferred with a Degree with Honors in the same course in 2007.
            That year upon graduation he was also bestowed with the Excellent Achievement Award – New Young Talent in the individual category for his accomplishment which raised UiTM's flagship to a much higher level. Not just that, in 2006 while he was still studying, Zery Zamry entered and emerged winner of the AnugerahJarumBerlian; a prestigious award in fashion industry. It was an achievement rarely attained by designer his age and that has alerted the Malaysian fashion community to recognize this rising star with absolute talent in creating masterpieces that are simply inspirational, if not breathtaking.

            In his earlier involvement in Malaysia's fashion industry, Zery Zamry, the embryonic designer had taken the local fashion industry by storm being highly sought-after “IT” designer by top celebrities and models. He has had the privilege to design dresses for figures such as Malaysia's Pop Queen Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, ex-Beauty Queen Erra Fazira, the Rock-Chick Ella and countless more who had become devotees to his magnificent designs.
            Zery Zamry became known for his unique use of embellishments such as polka dots, ribbons, bows and the usage of warm colors such as white, cream, champagne and gold as his favorite working palette for the current and upcoming 2014 collections. Zery Zamry believes that warmer tones will highlight the sense of demure, enticement and charm. He truly knows he is in his best when it comes to designing woman’s wear, which he is able to manipulate shapes and patterns and due to the vast flexibilities of designing clothing for women compared to men. At the same time, it allows him to really squeeze out his creative juices, enabling him to maximize his creative capacity to its fullest potential as well.
To tap into the feminine world, he often infuse elements of sex appeal, glamor, classy and decadence  and those are the must-have qualities of his designs apart from incorporating simplicity, authenticity, demure and utmost attention to quality and originality to most of his work. The end result of his every creation need to look like a million ringgit. Zery Zamry believes that fashion enthusiasts and the common fashion cult followers will look into his designs in pure admiration and interest as he has been able to tap into the names of the likes of the biggest names in local celebrities, models and artists.
            Zery Zamry prefers to stay true to his Malaysian heritage in terms of creating apparels as well as materials he uses. His favorite pieces such as the Kebaya, BajuKurung and Sarong played a major role for his decorations in numerous awards. In 2006, Zery Zamry’s avant-garde reinterpretation of the Kebaya, a combination of Malaysian Kebaya with a touch of Victorian-style glow and grace known as the “Splendor of NyonyaKebaya” had won him an award at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2006. In addition to that accolade, Ziana Zain's dressed in Zery Zamry for the Anugerah Bintang Popular 2011 had bagged the Best Dressed celebrity of the night award, a huge recognition witnessed by millions of viewers over a live telecast show had proved to the nation on Zery Zamry's infinite talent and master-touch in producing beautiful pieces in which many will aspire to wear and look gorgeous as a celebrity themselves.
            Zery Zamry’s eclectic creations have also caught the attention of several glamorous fashion magazines’ editors and have appeared in several glossy fashion spreads for notable magazines such as Eh!, Glam and InTrend just to name a few.
            Zery Zamry was as a finalist for the Malaysian edition of Project Runway, a US franchise of the famous American fashion designing reality show. Though he only managed to finish at top 6, he believes that “Creativity should not be hastened, yet nurtured to be a good if not visionary artist.”
                        Zery Zamry developed a strong relationship with a number of stars over the years, being asked to design bridal gowns, gala night gowns, stage wears and he delivers passionately each time. When he's not designing couture for local celebrities, this highly innovative designer devotes himself as a slave to fashion, quite literally. He deliberately spends most of his time conjuring new pieces, conducting extensive researches into finishing his couture pieces inch perfect and after 8 active years, Zery Zamry, is a name now synonym to exquisite bridal and couture dresses. To complement that, he also designs bags and shoes.
            ZeryZamry launched his very first bridal collection, Love Spell in 2010. Following the success in high demands he received from Malaysia and Brunei market, he then launched his second collection Bougainvillea in 2011 which focused on the use of sequins, laces and pearls on organza silk and shantung. Just a tad later after releasing his Glam Raya collection that hit the market in July 2012, he then tirelessly refined his bridal gowns creations in Love Spell II  which was released in August 2012 which showcased his master-touch; the use of Swarovski crystals. Love Spell II aimed to portray the simplicity and the demureness of the wearer and ZeryZamry did it light in design but heavy in details. His 2013 collection “Hydrangea” has just been released and is currently on sale.
            Due to the huge support he receives from Brunei, Zery Zamry is making the effort to meet his clients at least once a month, during his routine visit to that country, besides being invited to showcase his stunning and exquisite collections in wedding expositions around Brunei.

      Zery Zamry's ready-to-wear pieces and past collections can be found at his boutique at :
Zery Zamry Couture
No 25, Jalan Kristal 4
7/76D Section 7
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor
For appointment, please contact +6017 651 9056 or +603 5523 0596 or email to:


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