Wednesday, May 23, 2007



The Contemporary ‘Kurung’ Exotica represent the slick of materials from our ancestor creations through the past which is well known as ‘Baju Kurung’ that is popular in the usage of ‘pesak’ and ‘kekek’. ‘Baju Kurung’, used by people where it is find as an outfit that is suitable with the teaching of Malaysian Culture that portrait the culture and people in the community. It is a design in a lose cutting that can be wear by any level of age.

In conjunction with that, Zery Zamry a new name in the industry would like to introduce the new collection of evening wear and cocktail dresses, ‘The Contemporary ‘Kurung’ Exotica’ an interpretation of high fashion that includes the elements of east meet west which reflects to our society in Malaysia in the usage of ‘pesak’ and ‘kekek’.

It is innovated to match the style in the new era of ‘Baju Kurung’ which includes femininity, glamour and elegant that represents the target market of high society women ages between 23 to 40 years old. Purple, silver and turquoise are the colors that have been choosed for this collection that reflects the new trend of fashion today.

Through this collection many kinds of fabrics such as silk are used in this creation. They are Taffeta silk, Chiffon silk, Thai silk, and also Satin silk which give the impact to this creations assembly to the east culture that present Malaysia as a polite and humble country. Other than that, fabric such as ‘PVC’ also is used as a touch to make it more fashionable and interesting.

In this collection, all outfits is filled with detailing that includes crystals stones, Swarovski diamonds, lace beading that reflects combinations of new version in Zery Zamry design. Accessories such as large ribbons, broach, necklaces, stones and new design high heels are used to make a complete presentation in this new collection.

In making it more interesting, Zery Zamry also include the usage of Malay traditional accessories which is used by the male generation ‘tengkolok’ in this collection which reflects to the Malay symbolic of power and control o this new era of fashion industry.