Tuesday, May 25, 2010

spring clearing!!

ok..yang lepas tu dah sold out..
ada lagi yang ni..
sume nak let go!!! murah2..

gold dress...rm500 size m

baju kurung chiffon blue with buble sleeve rm500 size m
to boona...plz sms me again..ive lost ur adress la dear..my fone auto delete it..so ive lost ur number to..tq

toga dress..cgiffon green.. rm800 size m

empire dress..yang juliana evans pakai tu..size m.. rm800 with batik printed

kebaya lace top sahaja..size m++ rm1000...b4 1200..fully beads..off white n dusty pink beading

front view..

dress with kebaya top 1 piece..size L..rm1200

bridal gown..size m..rm1500...

cocktail dress black with gold chain..top sahaja..boleh dipakai gan kain jadi baju kurung..

anything just sms me or call..tq..siapa cepat dia dapat..



Ainn Ngainon said...

Hye Zery,
I don't know why, ur design still me likey.
Love all of it!!

Kasih Ainie said...

U cocktail dress black with gold chain tu ada lg tak? nak tgk bhgn belakang boleh tak? terdedah sgt tak? im interested. byk baju lain yg i nak dh sold out pulak