Monday, November 9, 2009


Standing in front of the mirror, the beautiful bride-to-be looked at herself in her beautiful wedding ensemble. All sort of feelings are running through her mind. She is scared, nervous, and she felt she is not up to this. She felt as though she is making a big mistake. She gasped for assurance and word of comfort from someone in the room but her voice sounded weak. With one last glance in the mirror something about her dress caught her attention. She remembered the day she chooses that wedding dress. All the reason of how that particular dress stood out from the rest gave her the strength that she needed to go on.”

“Bit by bit she felt complete in that dress. Adoring her figure in the dress, she said to herself “This is my wedding dress” - the dress she always wanted to wear on her wedding day. And she will make it today. Pulling her strength together, as she grabbed the hand bouquet she force herself to make that first step. As she glides to the isle with butterflies filling up her stomach, she knew that no matter what happen, she will remember the day she put on her wedding dress; the day that she knew that her man of her dream is waiting for her there down the aisle. Smile crept on her rosy face, as she found her strength and the nervousness was wiped away by the power of her wedding dress...”

‘LOVE SPELL’ by ZERY ZAMRY is truly a set of collections that will charmed and mesmerize all brides who are looking forward for the biggest day in their life. Inspired from the feeling within a bride, waiting to be-walked down the isle, and the jittery of being an attention in everyone’s eyes on the wedding day, gave Zery the sparks to work his magic touch in his collections this time around.
Zery Zamry’s 2009/2010 wedding collection brings the audience with a sweet and elegant wedding dresses inspired from traditional contemporary theme which adapts the Nyonya kebaya, traditional and modern kurung, caftans, gowns and dresses exclusively cut and seam into an hour glass , ‘A’ shape and also empire dresses, embellished in a hand woven couture pieces.

Heavily focusing on silk especially tulle silk as the focal material for his design, Zerry also weaved and combined satin silk, raw silk, French lace, French beaded lace, Dutchess satin and chiffon to give it a more soft and refined look to the overall compositions. Pearl white rules the theme with a blend of soft dusty pink, lilac and baby blue in this collection. A myriad of techniques were use to accentuate the exclusiveness of his garment such as tulle gathers, draping, pleated, patching, beading and sequin embroidery and also patch-hole embroidery.

To add luxury and royal to the whole design, Zery Zamry pour his heart and soul to complete embellishment of the garment with material such as sequins, bow and ribbons, beads and accessories, Swarovsky crystal and gem stones sponsored by D’little Asia.

Zery Zamry, the winner of Anugerah Jarum Berlian 2006 will feature the soon to be bride female singer, Elyana as his celebrity muse. Zery in his statement said, “My design is to make a woman feel feminine, to feel a silky touch caressing her skin and show off her right curves. At the same time, I want to make a woman feel relaxed and glamorous.”

Four sweet young ballerinas taking the runway, twirling around doing the opening act as Elyana looking stunning in Zery Zamry’s couture piece singing ‘JALAN CINTA’ from Ayat ayat cinta soundtrack.


Edzlin said...

suka tgk baju yg elyana pakai tu

AZFAR: the blog!! ketum...? said...

mama.... nice sgt sgt collection ni...

collection yang matured bg i...

love the colour... good taste as usual....9

love the net and details...

bila nak realisasikan skirt couture yang kita impikan? (skirt jarum white version) huhuhuhuhu... kerja berat tu.... huhu... keep the good work mama, sorry cant be there to help u... thanx 4 the support, knowledge, exposure and love that u give to me all this time ya... miss u mama...

azfar rani said...

Nice indeed!
Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy
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CathJ said...

Beautiful collections!!!!! Love the colours.. said...

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