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Zerry's different stroke -NST paper..

Designer Zerry Zamry stands out as he not
only loves mixing bold colours and fabrics but also to fuse the classic with the contemporary.


THOSE who are familiar with TV reality show Project Runway Malaysia will not forget the pink-haired Zerry Zamry, whose tagline on the show is “I like pink and polka dots”. Project Runway Malaysia was the spin-off of the American version, which had 15 contestants competing to be Malaysia’s next big fashion designer.Prior to the show, Zerry, 23, has entered and won some prestigious fashion shows. One of his biggest wins was emerging top at the 2006 Diamond Needle Fashion Award.

So, what has life been for Zerry after the show? Despite not coming out as a winner, Zerry, who resides in Section 20, Shah Alam, has a bright future ahead.He is now designing, sewing and selling his collections from home, so much so, that his living room has been transformed into a mini boutique.

Zerry’s heart for the customer’s comfort is seen in the sophisticated chintz sofa for clients to relax on whilst ruffling through the collections. The decor of this home-boutique is a mix of traditional and vintage. On display also are his rows of trophies and award certificates that he had won.“Hopefully some time this year, I’ll set up my own boutique in Shah Alam,” he said. And his preferred spot is in fact at the Shah Alam City Centre (SACC).“As I’m branching out, I also plan to look for an investor to support my line.” Besides clothes, this ambitious young designer also designs handbags, clutches (mostly big, big, big ones), high heels (in many colours and fabrics) and accessories that are laden with crystals and faux diamonds (and some with feathers).

With a strong collection of evening and casual wear, this designer also designs and infuse new things for his traditional and wedding collections.“For my recent traditional collection, which is titled The Contemporary Kurung Exotica and The Splendour of Nyonya Kebaya, I tweaked the rules and recreated a contemporary look,” Zerry added. “I know nearly every designer says that, but I am different in the sense that I infused different fabrics. Fabrics people would not even think of applying them to traditional clothes.”And yes, his approach is different and somewhat one may think most unlikely to work out, but it turns out to be very desirable and a must-have. And Zerry shows this in his creations of a dazzling kebarung made from silvery soft moc croc fabric, and a raven-black kebaya with shocking pink polka dots, with the flashiest pink embroidery to match.

There is also a baju kurung with a newly-designed neckline that is generously encrusted with cystals and sparkling plastic diamonds. It takes the ordinary kurung to greater heights.Of late, he is busy with another favourite project — bridal wear. “So far, I’ve designed and made 10 wedding dresses, and with this new confidence, I’ve also branched into providing wedding packages for my customers,” he said.“The packages include wedding decorations, table settings, flower arrangements, decorations for the wedding dias, hair and make-up, jewellery, hantaran, among other things.” Zerry added that providing bridal services are wonderful because you are part of the couple’s happiest moments. And have the chance to make a blissful wedding for them.”As for his design philosophy, there are two.

For his Zerry Zamry Couture line, he keeps it classy and glamorous. But for his ready-to-wear line, Syrup Bandung, Zerry keeps it funky and vibrant.For Zerry, colour plays a vital role. And it could immediately be seen as you enter his home-boutique. With bold colours such as rich royal purple, velvety red, pink and deep sea aqua blue, just to name a few.And not forgetting, metres of fabrics with polka dots!His collection isn’t just beautiful and unique, it also has personality. Very much like the designer himself.

Do pop over to 11A, Jalan Tuntung 20/11, Section 20, Shah Alam or call 017-651-9056.

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